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The most fiber in textiles


The "most fiber" in textiles

1.The most solid is polyester

Polyester fiber is twice as strong as cotton and three times stronger than wool. Impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon and 20 times higher than viscose. It is strong and strong, and its strength in dry and wet conditions remains unchanged. Polyester fabrics are particularly crisp, smooth and not easily wrinkled.


2.The most wearable is nylon

    Nylon alias nylon. Its wear resistance is about 10 times that of cotton and 20 times that of wool. Because the abrasion resistance of nylon is higher than that of all textile fibers, the nylon fabric is durable.


3.The most fast is acrylic

Acrylic fiber is fluffy and curly, soft and warm, flexible, known as "synthetic wool". Because of its strong light resistance, Acrylic is superior to all other textile fibers, and the textile industry changed nitrileto clear,meaning that it is not afraid of the sun. It is exposed to outdoor air for one year and its strength is only reduced by 20%.


4.The most elastic is spandex

Spandex fiber's elasticity is usually 500%-800%, elastic recovery is also very good, only about 2% of spandex core-spun yarn fabric elastic elongation of up to 20-30%, which in essence to achieve human action on fabric elasticity The request. Maintain the original shape, comfortable and beautiful.


5.The lightest is polypropylene

    Its proportion is only 3/5 of cotton, and it is second to none in terms of lightness. Polypropylene fiber is cheap and cheap.


6.The most afraid of heat is the use of vinyl chloride

    Softening and shrinking begin at about 70°C, and the shrinkage in boiling water can reach 50%. It is the most afraid of hot textile fibers. Once the fiber is ignited, it will still burn after leaving the open flame, and once the fiber has left the open flame, it will quickly extinguish naturally. Therefore, it is the most difficult textile fiber to burn.

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