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Improve the success rate of a splicing (1) poor splicing maintenance


(1) Poor splicing maintenance

Splicing quality is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is spliced strong, the other is spliceappearance. Splicing strong requirements to achieve the strength of more than 85% of the original yarn, splicing appearance requirements to achieve a smooth surface, no burrs, the thickness of the naked eye should be observed by no thick, thinner. Strong low splicing need to start from the following aspects: First of all, to ensure that the yarn into the normal yarn should be located in the guide groove root groove and in the splicing chamber; Second, the full untwisting, to ensure that compressed air pressure Above 0. 07 MPa, compressed gas without oil, water and other impurities. Splicing quality should be adjusted to ensure the strength of the premise.


In general, one end or both ends of the yarn tail is mainly due to damage to the oscillating piece, shaker damage or diaper sheet is not in place caused by untwisting poor; or scissors bad effect, scissors spring damage, scissors not sharp, not cutting yarn ; Or splicer cleaning is poor, flying parts caused by the accumulation of parts are not flexible and other reasons. The thinner yarn at one or both ends is mainly caused by excessive untwisting. Twisted together at both ends, the middle of the double yarn is mainly caused by inadequate untwisting, while also checking the state of untwisting pipe. If you use the oscillator, it is possible that the oscillator is damaged. Splicing chamber cover severe wear from the slot, there will be twisting at both ends, but the case of the middle double yarn.


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